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Thoughts on ‘Inception’

So finally got around to seeing Inception after carefully avoiding spoiler-alerts in the blogosphere, twitterverse, at the workplace, dinners, parties…. pretty much anywhere over the last couple of weeks.  (Note to self for the future :  When it comes to movies with such hype,  follow the golden rule:  either catch it on the first day before you have everyone around you talking about it, or wait for a few months and see it on DVD).

I did try my my best to go with an open mind, and just experience the movie for what it is, but I guess all the buzz must have set up high expectations sub-consciously [ 🙂  couldn’t resist the pun]….and  it didn’t measure up. By a fair bit. It was more enjoyable-night-out-at-the-movies fare, rather than  one-more-in-the-great-movies-to-watch list.

Nolan has a clever idea of course, and nicely manages to convert it to an engaging screenplay. But once you get clued into what the ‘surreal’ premise  is all about (which happens in the first twenty minutes or so), the rest is more like a slickly executed action Hollywood flick. High on entertainment quotient, but by the time all those heavy duty sequences in the snow came on, I found myself waiting for the inevitably predictable ending. Don’t think this is one of those movies that I will keep thinking about, a year or two from now – my default measure for anything nearing greatness.

For me, the highlights of the movie were Hans Zimmer’s music score (earlier credits include The Lion King – an eternal favourite – among others), and another display of Leonardo Di Caprio’s stunning evolution from the banality of Titanic to his curent uber-cool, edgy, almost-Johnny Depp-like presence.                                                                                          

And the ending.  Cutting the shot while the totem’s still spinning (could almost see the Warner Bros. studio exec in the background, happily thinking, ‘”Yes!  Perfect segue for the sequel”‘)..  brings on a smile, but a tad predictable. Kind of sums up what the movie was like.

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  1. Mani
    August 3, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    I disagree as I absolutely loved this movie!!

  2. August 3, 2010 at 10:14 pm

    Mani: Yes, I know many people who feel the way you do. Its not that i didn’t “like” it.. i guess it fell short of expectations. Anyway, we are entitled to our individual views.. thats what makes the world interesting, no?

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