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Remembering the Bengaluru Marathon 2014

As the undisputed running capital of India, Bangalore, the city that I now call home, was long overdue to host a marathon of its own. So it was great to finally see the inaugural edition of the Bengaluru Marathon being flagged off on 19 Oct 2014.  Participation from the running fraternity was encouraging for a first-time event, with about 1000 marathoners and 3500 half-marathoners lining up at the start. Crowd  turnout along the route wasn’t great, but that’s understandable – it takes time for a city to take a marathon to heart. It’s taken Bombay ten years to make SCMM the premier marathon event in the country.

BM_Oct 19 2014_1

I used to cover large sections of the marathon route during my regular training runs and it turned out that the route actually passed very close to where I live,  The weather gods  also benevolently decided to bless us with a cool morning, so it was a real pleasure to run past familiar places and scenes in gorgeous running weather. Overall, apart from some glitches on traffic management towards the end and an unfortunate fiasco earlier involving the lead runners, Bengaluru Marathon 2014 was an enjoyable experience. Hopefully, the event will grow to become one of the great city marathons, like the world majors.

Re-caping some highlights for the memory archive:

Finished with a PB of 4:05:58, 10 minutes better than my SCMM 2014 timing. Though I underestimated some of the elevations around the 26-30Km stretch, any race where you nail a PB is always a good one. This one was a fair result for the kind of training I had put in. Set me up to take a shot at a sub-4 SCMM in January 2015. Que sera, sera…


BM_Oct 19_ASC cheering1While the crowd turnout was not something to write about, there was a lovely surprise awaiting the marathoners at about the  halfway mark, after the 100ft road stretch in Indiranagar (the half marathoners U-turned back at Domlur, so they unfortunately missed out). As we came down the Domlur flyover  on to Inner ring road, was amazed to see hundreds of jawans from the adjoining ASC centre lined up on the road. For that entire stretch of over 3 kilometres (almost till Sony junction), these soldiers egged the runners on, clapping, hi-fiveing, calling out our names from the bibs with exhortations of ‘shabaash, himmat se’, etc.  It was an overwhelming, goosebumpy experience that got me all choked up, even as I tried to feebly appreciate their support.  Truly, a splendid gesture and a very special memory of this marathon.

BM_Oct 19 2014_2


The Bengaluru Marathon also set a shining example and a high benchmark on waste management. Thanks to a couple of runners and a fantastic group of volunteers who were all passionate about the cause, a very effective mechanism to BM_Oct 19_waste mgtmanage waste during and after the run was planned and executed with exemplary precision. Re-usable glasses/serving vessels, non-disposable plates, segregation of food waste post-run, getting NGOs involved.. A stupendous effort, and a stirring message for a city that is grappling with an acute problem of overflowing landfills, and fast turning from a garden city into a garbage city.

Link: How the first Bengaluru Marathon kept pace with its waste.

Many valuable lessons here for not just other marathon events, but also for the city corporation. Kudos and hats off to everyone involved in this effort.


This marathon also put me in touch with some new running partners when I started running with the ‘Indiranagar Runners’ group.  Our long training runs on weekends kept both the motivation and fun levels consistently up. I believe that runners in general have an in-built ‘goodness-gene’ – they are nicer folks than the average guy on the street. And this group has definitely vindicated my belief. Its been great to get to know and run with a happy, fun loving bunch of runners and also genuinely nice people.


Cheers, guys..I look forward to many many more fun runs, sumptuous breakfasts, and wonderful times together. Thanks for being there!

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  1. Akshaye
    December 4, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    Your writing is as good as your pace Satish! 😉 though i missed Bengaluru Marathon,but it is always fun to run with our own “Indiranagar Runners”! keep writing (and running) 🙂

    • December 5, 2014 at 12:17 pm

      Thanks, Akshaye. Look forward to running together at Auroville !

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